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Clotheno is the shop where you get all your party, casual and formal wears easily in one place. Some of you like to buy complete dresses from us but some want just jackets to wear. So here is clotheno providing different kinds of custom made jackets to wear with your dress of choice. We are providing almost all kinds of them.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, other kinds of jackets were common but later tuxedos were introduced. Suits and suit jackets were introduced in the seventeenth century when English king Charlie II made it a compulsion for court. So suit jackets were introduced before Tuxedo Jackets. But soon tuxedo jackets become very popular as formal use. The double-breasted model became accepted as an informal alternative to the single-breasted in the 1930s and is now considered equally correct. This model looks better buttoned when the wearer is standing so there is no need for any sort of waist covering.


These are popular in darker shades like grey, black, navy blue, etc. But these are also giving a wonderful outlook in light colors like white. Clotheno does not bound you to these particular colors. We are providing you almost all colors as your requirement.


Because tuxedos are worn far less frequently than business suits and don’t have to stand up to the same amount of wear and tear over time they can be made of much finer wool than their everyday counterparts. While others are casually used and worn so the material is slightly heavy duty. Clotheno is providing these in tropical fabric, velvet, and serge wool.

There are the following categories that are provided by us.

Tuxedo Jacket

The difference between the tuxedo jacket and others is that the tuxedo jackets mostly have satin finishing on their lapels. Due to which these are perfect for dinners and special occasions like prom and weddings. Unlike regular suits, it has only one button which allows the front to be cut in a deep “V” shape that mimics the ideal male torso. This, in turn, provides more opportunities for versatility in a man’s formal ensemble.

One of the most distinctive traits of a tuxedo jacket is the decorative covering on the lapels known as facing. The best facings are made of pure silk, while less expensive ones contain a synthetic component.

Suit Jackets

Suit jackets are somewhat different from tuxedo jackets. They are usually used casually in offices, workplaces, and other such casual events. These do not contain satin silk at the lapel facing. The lapel facing is made with the same material as the whole jacket. Similarly, fastening buttons in the front side of the jacket may or may not be one. Sometime, there may be four buttons in the front side of the jacket. These contain a lining of satin.

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